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Clicker Beginner Course

Clicker Beginner Course

Learning how clicker training works. It appears simple in principle but demands development of mechanical skills and an understanding of the knowledge behind it.

The 3 workshop course will cover:
Rewards: the different types, preparation of food, safe delivery, the visual click, and how much to use to be effective. The difference between rewards and bribery and at the same time teach self control for food. Learning to use the Clicker and setting up games for practicing. Basic free shaping experience for both you and your dog.

Looking at how clicker training can be applied in many situations with many different types of dogs. The role of targets, what makes a target, how to teach targeting. The Target stick: use safely and clearly, and using good skills.
Building duration, developing a behaviour for longer and adding more strength.
Changing a cue, add a cue. Our language to call upon the behaviours we have taught.

Each workshop will build your skills, it is beneficial if you are able to practise the skills between workshops.
Bring your dog if it is comfortable training around other dogs, able to rest whilst you work on your own skills, leg at each corner and likes treats.

Next Course: tba
Barn opens 9.30 for 10am, finishing by 4.30.
Course Tutor: Lesley Buxton

Price: 160.00

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