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Dressage and Micro Movement Workshop - Apr 8 2017

Dressage and Micro Movement Workshop - Apr 8 2017

Teaching dogs natural movements through developing awareness, balance, strength and fluency. Helping the dogs find the key points that enable them to find balance, not just in preparation to move, but through the movements and stillness.
Examining the gaits in detail and teaching through a series of constructive exercises building core strength and mobility. Walking, trotting, lateral actions, rotations, backing, maintaining momentum and positioning.
By examining the extremely fine detail, building correct muscle patterns and seeking balance the dogs we have been training enjoy the very best of their fitness.
We teach foundation movements, balance in walk, trot, turns, backing, pivots, lateral actions and allow dogs to create their own styles.

~ For young dogs developing movement patterns and for remedial recovery from injury, always fascinating.
~ For dogs in any type of sport that involves sound movement.
~ For you, if you love training in the finest detail

This is a top-up / continuation workshop for those who have completed the basics in a Dressage Course or studied the online course. at the Barn or online.

Barn opens 9.30 for 10am, finishing by 4.30.

Price: 60.00

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