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Recall Workshop

Recall Workshop

We all have a dream of taking our dogs for stress free, relaxing walks. The dog cruising the countryside smells, popping to and fro to re-connect with us and smiling faces when we return. Often we end up more tense, returning shattered from the stress and wonder why we bothered? Relaxing it ain't.

If you have an essentially social dog, that perhaps sees "add a friend" as a career, or even the dog that regards every scent as a hunting opportunity then this is the ideal workshop to work on your training, and perception of a recall. Setting up the basic skills, reading the environment and anticipating success.

This is a LONG, long way for the standard "sit>stay>come" perception of recall. Closer to "leave that squirrel help me kill this squirrel instead".

Reinforcement centric training demands that we engineer a reinforcer worth leaving that squirrel - fox poo - running dog for. This begins with connection to you under these difficult conditions where the dog sees you as an asset to their desire, not a barrier. We begin this with operant choice until it blossoms into the dog's own idea to run to you no matter what is happening or attracting their interest. Walks will become interactive activities orientated to "being more dog".

Running towards you is rarely the issue, learning to give up the ”moment” of enjoyment (insert: head in a rabbit hole, opportunity for sex, a roll in undesirable offerings, chasing air,) is the challenge. This workshop will carefully go through the steps or “give up that for this” protocol.

This is NOT a workshop for dogs that have anxieties about strange dogs or people, but this would be ideal for new dogs or puppies in preparation of free running.
Please bring a favourite toy or two for this day plus oodles of smelly food.

Barns opens at 9.30 for 10am start, finishing by 4.40pm

This workshop is fully booked for participants, spectator places only

Price: 44.00

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