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Geek Weekend: 10 & 11 February 2018 at Forest Oak

Geek Weekend: 10 & 11 February 2018 at Forest Oak

Adding finish the training

Getting to the top of the hill and enjoying view.
Training Geeks: "people who think about training when they are not training"

We can easily get attracted to teaching our dog new things.
There is a joy seeing them discover how to do something and we reflect their pleasure with laughter and sometimes relief when the teaching is a necessity not a luxury. But this preference leads us away from the process of finishing the training - getting to the top of the hill and enjoying the view.

What does the "finished training" look like:

  • The dog can pick out the cue for the behaviour from a world of other cues challenging them for attention (aka as "distractions").
  • The behaviour is stable, no wobble, no sometimes, it stays consistent in quality under most conditions. (We should not expect 100% perfection from either ourselves or dogs, but certain extreme conditions may require a little extra support).
  • The behaviour is flexible which means the dog can adapt the behaviour to maintain the quality under different conditions: different surface, weather, noise etc.
  • Only the minimal cue is required. The dog is ready, willing and able to respond without pre-motivation, promises and wishful thinking or a tail wind.

All our training history will impact on the quality, reliability, and longevity of the behaviours we teach. Through a lifelong positive reinforcement protocol the learning becomes stronger and stronger through repetition and enjoyment increases.

The weekend will focus on teaching you:

  • How to train the dog to be a cue seeker. A dog that is alert and watchful to the opportunities you give for their enjoyment.
  • Using a wide variety of obvious and subtle reinforcers that weave into activity that can only represent a pleasurable experience. The heelwork that shines, the retrieve that flies and "here to me" that results in bright, shiny eyes.
  • How to practice for consistency whilst maintaining the high quality. Teaching resilience without ever resorting to using extinction. Teaching determination that evolves to a "can do" response from your dog.

Training is always on-going and I can confirm that once you get your training "hill fit" other hills become much easier to achieve and enjoy the view for the top. Dogs translate the finishing processes to other behaviours extremely quickly.

This weekend is for training geeks that have at least 3 behaviours ready for the finishing process. These behaviours need to be at the point where you are happy with the quality, attitude and stability. It can vary from a simple 6 steps of heelwork to a drop down from stand, or a "let's go" when faced with challenges. For lifeskills, sports skills and working skills. (These processes also work for people! )

Workshop opens 9am for 9.30 start, finishing by 5.30pm. Tea and Coffee included
Book before Jan 10th £120, after Jan 10th £130 for participants.
Non-participants (spectators) £80

This weekend is FULLY BOOKED for participants. Cancellations will be offered to spectator booked places.

Total Price: 120.00

participant or spectator place:

this workshop is at Forest Oak Farm, nr Lydney