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The Connection Weekend

The Connection Weekend

Connection with our dogs is a wonderful feeling but there are times when the demands of our worlds collide and we feel the connection is anything but perfect. Our dogs do not understand why they have to give up chasing a squirrel, and we do not understand why they will not be quiet. Connection is about learning how the dog sees the world and showing them that living in our world is not always about giving up the good things, we have a wealth of really great things we can enjoy with them.

The Connection Weekend is learning about your dog through many activities, both energising and thoughtful, that deepen the connection through understanding. Finding the balance in your relationship and being in tune with each other. Exploring fun-credits we can give the dog for the compromises they need to make to live in our world.

Suitable for anyone who wants to develop a stronger connection. Where life goes along pretty well, but you feel there is something that could be enjoyed more, or a few cracks that need to be filled. No major stresses but perhaps some irritations that could do with removing.

This is suitable for anyone who wants to develop a stronger relationship, or simply time with your dog.

Barns opens at 9.30 for 10am start, finishing by 4.30pm

Next weekend tba

Price: 115.00

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