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Dances With Dogs

Dances With Dogs

By Kay Laurence
Spiral Bound

The essential book if your want to train your dog a multitude of moves and poses and tricks and walks ... just for the fun of it!

We teach dogs to 'walk on sunshine', to circle and twirl, to bend and stretch. All the moves you can enjoy with your dog at any time, or follow on to join the new sport.

For Paws n Music, for freestyle, for heelwork and for dressage, this book goes into clear detail how to lay down the foundation moves and build a full repertoire to suit any dog, any handler, rap or blues, country or classical.

We recommend you acquire the basic clicker training skills (Perfect Foundation Book and DVD) before starting on Dances with Dogs.
The only thing I can guarantee is you'll laugh like you haven't done in ages!

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Price: 16.00