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Lifeskills Workshops

Lifeskills Workshops

Lifeskills are the every day essentials that build your relationship.
Developing the companion that is pleasant to live with and developing an understanding of dogs that make you a pleasant companion as well !

We teach the skills of communication, learning to listen to the dogs and teaching them that our advice is relevant and likely to be of benefit to them (usually with sausage).

We build social skills for the future that enable safe interaction around visitors, stock, wildlife and the necessities of modern life.
Learning to be handled on a daily basis and stress free interaction with care professionals.

Learning to walk together, travel together without conflict, building the future for all types of walks.

Play is a foundation skill that we teach to suit all types of dogs and all types of games.

All training is based on scientific technology and understanding of dogs that improves learning and living with dogs. The Training Team and programme are supervised by Kay Laurence who is one of the countries top trainers.

The workshops will give you opportunities to:
~ learn the skills
~ practice in different situations
~ teach your dog or puppy
~ manage your dog in the future - for life

The workshops are divided into small groups for individual tuition, both indoors and outdoors.

Mornings: 9.30 - 12.30 puppies up to 7 months old. £25
Afternoon: 2 - 5pm dogs over 7 months old, and the option to train for the Amazing Dogs programme. £25.

Each workshop is £25 you can enrol at any time through the Summer, or you can book four workshops for £80.
Puppies that begin in puppy workshop can either move to the afternoon or stay with the morning group.

The dates are: May 7, May 28, Jul 16, Aug 13.


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