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Teaching Lifeskills

Teaching Lifeskills

Sit is not a lifeskill

It is a joy to me that more people are regarding the formal training with their dog as a process of developing lifeskills and no longer "obedience". We are moving, no, marching away from the "Me=Master: You=Dog" views and incorporating our dogs as much loved family members. In respect of that view our role is now seen as doing the very best to prepare them for living with us in the life style we have chosen.

This is very often a unique and individual choice. Gone are the days when all dog training classes taught the dogs to "walk on the left", or sit at kerbs. Yay! You can walk your dog where it suits you - provided it is safe and comfortable. Safe for the dog, safe for you and safe for the communities we share our lives with . From wildlife to footballers. We share, and have to learn how to adapt and compromise.

Training and preparing a dog with the skills for our future requires an understanding of how reinforcement will impact on what we and the dogs learn, how to use it effectively and how it impacts on the results. This is what lifeskills should be focussed on - teaching people the skills they will use to teach their dogs.
This 3 day course will look at teaching the foundations skills that are developed through realistic exercises to achieve understanding and connection. No longer, heel, sit, stay but walking together, play together and "how was that for your dog?"

Barn opens 9 for 9.30am, finishing by 5pm. Dogs are welcome to come and hang-out whilst we talk and perhaps join in some demonstration exercisies.

Next Course TBA

Price: 120.00

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