I wish I could write an encyclopaedia of everything you would want to learn about dogs. Maybe one day there will be the technology that can download our brains. In the meantime I would like to share what I consider the most significant element of bringing you closer to understanding your canine friend. This book and video will show you selected fine details of living with dogs that will illustrate my viewpoint.

In my experience of training many thousands of people with dogs the key to a fulfilling relationship is the underlying mindset, not the latest piece of equipment or training solution. When connection between you and your dog becomes the basis of your thoughts and interactions all the components begin to lock together. As a result you will find clear direction in your choices and decisions.

Unfortunately the dog business tends to throw around a whole series of unrelated, well marketed ingredients. People are naturally attracted to the most flavoursome without understanding how all the ingredients play on one another in the cooking process. Science can tell us the process of how a cake made but it takes significant skill to be able to replicate that process over and over again to produce consistently satisfying and exhilarating results for 99% of the eaters.

I am more than familiar with the taste of thousands of cakes and I do not rate the scientifically correct, manufactured cakes over that extra pleasure that comes from one home baked with skill and love. The cake cannot be at fault if you use the "wrong" type of fat, it is how that fat blends with the other ingredients that produces the desired result. The same with living with dogs. A piece of equipment alone cannot solve the problem of the dog pulling on a lead without a blending of your attitude, lifestyle and interactions.

I frequently see people with a over-flowing basket of ingredients that when put together seem to produce something missing in the final tasting. A dissatisfaction that is hard to define. They have all of the components but the bond between the parts is not made. The ingredients have been acquired from non-compatible sources and an attempt has been made to bake them together in conflict.

The gentle person who at home places their dog's needs as a high priority, but when in public avoidance of embarrassment comes first and they become extremely ungentle. The dog is left in confusion and the result is disconnection with high degree of uncertainty.

I hope this writing effort can begin to fill in some of the gaps in your baking, build a tree of deep connection and point you in a more secure direction when making choices about your relationship with your dog.

If I do ever offer you a home made cake, you will be safe. I am a theoretical baker. I have 30 years experience of using a microwave and yet to purchase a cake tin.

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There is no such thing as bad weather; just the wrong clothes.

There is no such thing as a bad dog; just the wrong environment.

Round hole seeks square peg

Round holes should not be searching amongst square pegs for life partners unless they thrive on conflict. Many training strategies and behavioural modification programmes aimed at our dogs focus their energy, intellect and success on re-shaping square pegged dogs. Many dogs simply cannot cope with this process.

Kay's view of this landscape is more aligned with round holes becoming a lot squarer. We should not be trying to change dogs, but celebrating what they are and changing the world in which they live.

Every Dog Every Day will introduce you to a different mindset from which you may not be able to retreat. The book and video will show you a different view of your dog's innate behaviours and how trying to suppress these responses can be met with resistance and conflict. Think of working with the grain not against it and we move closer to enjoying a relationship with connection and pleasure.

Kay has lived with many dogs over many years observing their daily interactions, their puppy rearing and sharing in their activities.

Dogs skilfully teach us the art of living as a harmonious group and developing connection.

This understanding and skill is shared through the book and video with advice based on a consistent, high quality of results with a range of different dogs and people.


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