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Joining the course

A limited number of students will be able to join the 2 year courses between Units. The enrolment options are the same (Study only, Study and Assessment, for 1 year or 2 years). This rolling nature means that students will be at different points in their learning path. Students may refer to Units and assignments already completed.

Students will always have access to read the material of the previous covered Units, but only be able to join the learning through those Units when they are schedules within their 2 year programme. It is strongly recommended that student allow time to review the prior Units as the will impact on their learning for future Units. (For example: Reinforcement 1 was studied Jan/Feb 2015, so students joining up to December 2016 can read the lessons, forums and other material but only get feedback and work with other students when that Unit is scheduled again, Jan 2017)

answers from previous students:

What if I can't keep up?

"Stick with it would be my advice. We are working with live subjects (our dogs) and they won't all move at the same pace, it is inevitable that some projects will need to be shelved until we or the dog are ready."

"Everything is downloadable - you can print or store the material electronically and revisit it as often as you like at a more convenient time."

"My grooming project with Fiddy is proof that you never know when a lesson will bear fruit,  the 12 months of gradual training has completely turned the process around."

"My advice for people is to use as much time as they can but not to worry if they feel they get a little left behind.  If you don't have the time to do it fully, skim over it and come back at the end of the unit otherwise it is a bit daunting and you can't catch up.  If you feel a bit behind others and can't post much, don't worry.  If you are finding it valuable then keep going.  Learning time isn't all sat in front of the computer, use time doing other things to ponder and explore."

Will I be able to manage?

"There is no doubt that the course is very challenging, very content rich and time consuming; but this is a wonderful thing. I looked at many different offerings before I settled on this one and I haven't been disappointed."

"When I first thought about doing the course I asked what the time requirements are; 4 to 6 hours a week. I feel that has been pretty accurate most of the time - it really depends on how much you want to get out of it.

"...don't be afraid, I would say."

"Some parts of the course have been challenging for me, 4-6 hours a week would be an underestimation of the time I need as my processing is not always so fast. However, this really is a 'you get out what you put in' course. But so much more than that. This is not a linear 'put in, get out' experience. As I started to gain confidence about posting and managed to keep up with the discussions each night, I started to get exponentially more out of the course."

"Paul, my husband, helped me to see this course in a different light:

    “Up to now”, he said, “you have been taking someone else’s song and singing it in your own way.”
    ie, the recipe for teaching a dog to lie down is as follows:......... (pick a recipe from Mrs A Positivetrainer.....)
    “With this course you are being taught the music from scratch, you are finding out what a note is, how it fits with other notes, why certain chords make you feel sad, and some make you feel happy. You are being encouraged to try and understand the music itself. Perhaps by the end of it you will be able to write your own songs.” 

"The course may need to carry a warning: if you commit your time to this course, and engage fully with it, your relationship with dogs will never be the same. You will SEE them in a different light, more clearly. You will learn HOW to see them in a different light, more clearly, a skill that will continue through your life, informing your relationship with each and every dog on your life path

I'm learning a lot from this course and originally intended to follow to certification. I too find that quite a bit more time is required to complete certification than I anticipated, so have dropped that expectation. Classroom time and posting is not the major time consuming effort, but editing and downloading videos requires more time than I anticipated. 

Will I be comfortable with this learning format?

"I joined Unit 3 after meeting Kay at Clicker Expo in March 2013.  I am simply a pet dog owner wishing to build a better bond with my dog. I have another full time job which includes teaching at a University. My youngest border collie is the strongest personality I have experienced in any of my dogs.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the course. The integral piece that can't be bottled is Kay's style of teaching! Kay you know how to give just enough information, let us chew it around and then come in with the integral piece of information / clarification that makes it all fall together. Someone said it best when they referred to "wicked Kay" knowing that you were letting us struggle a bit knowing that this will improve our learning and retention and confidence. I wish I could teach others to adopt that style of teaching but it requires an excellent grasp of the content and lots of confidence.  

"I like the ClassRooms, hard to think on the fly but invaluable because of Kay's ability to challenge our thinking on the fly in a way that didn't hurt ;-). And that was invaluable to learning.

"Kay, it isn't just what you teach but how you teach that we can learn from you."

"I've got so much out of it and there is lots that I've not fully explored yet. I'm still finding lessons and understanding more from the early units. I've found posting difficult at times because I'm not as knowledgeable as a lot of people. I find it very difficult to phrase what I'm thinking or I don't have questions or thoughts to move things forward yet.  Then discussions have moved on. Or sometimes I don't want to write something stupid.  This isn't a problem, I know I'll get there in my own time and is probably also a reflection on my learning style.  I know this means I'm not getting as much from the course as I could be but if I'm not ready then I'm not ready. Just because I'm not posting much doesn't mean I'm not learning and thinking.

This course and all I've done with Kay has changed my relationship with my dog and horse and has meant I can work with and appreciate my (slightly difficult!) dog. I wouldn't have the dog I have now if I hadn't done this course.


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07 February 2017

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