Trainer Accredited by Kay Laurence

Unit 1. Evidence

Certification is evidence based, not exam based. This means the learner will take responsibility for providing evidence of their competency. This evidence must be: sufficient and leave the assessor in no doubt; inclusive, the whole of the person, dog and history of the skill/behaviours; authentic, the original work of the learner.

Successful training requires the core skill of assessment through observation and analysis. This Unit will cover the skills needed for personal and peer assessment, ability to evaluate a training protocol, review data and outcomes, give effective, constructional and instructional feedback. There will be clear guidelines on production of video evidence and how to meet the requirements of the criteria.

Unit 2. Ethics, philosophy and beliefs.

A clear and solid ethical foundation will underpin all our interactions with dogs. From how we live with our dogs, the individual relationship, connection, handling, interaction, husbandry and training protocols. This Unit will encourage the developing your own view point and examine the consequences of your choices.

Unit 1 & 2 must be completed before presentation for assessment for the following units

Unit 3. Development of Personal skills.

Part of the development as a trainer will be a clear and regular evaluation of your own skills, strengths and areas you wish to develop. Tracking your skill development is a continual process that required planning and review. You may have a personal tutor to assist with this Unit.

Unit 4. Reinforcement 1

Training in this course is always based on opportunities for reinforcement. This Unit will examine different reinforcement patterns with food;  reinforcement as a process; how consequence drives behaviour; how delivery, pace, placement and energy affects behaviours; treat loading and management; the use of different markers; emotional response.

Unit 5. Behaviour

Different types of behaviours: learning skills, component behaviours, base behaviours, default behaviour, foundation behaviours, core skills, physical skills, proprioception, generalisation, errors and mistakes as learning opportunities.

Unit 6. Teaching strategies

Choosing a teaching strategies, how strategies affect the learning, which strategies are appropriate to different types of behaviours.
Self-directed strategies, advantages and disadvantages. Shaping target acquisition, shaping components of a compound behaviour. The model to set-up the learner for success. Microshaping.

Unit 7.  Directed learning strategies

Directed learning strategies, advantages and disadvantages. Luring: building the skills required. Modelling. Moulding by contact and by environment. Using prompts, and targets.

Unit 8. Cues

What is a cue, cue delivery, changing a cue, cue attachment, capturing, syntax, multiple cues poisoned cues. Default behaviour cues. Building On-Cue reliability.

Unit 9. Reinforcement 2

Non-food reinforcers, variation of reinforcers, volume, patterns, timing. Using play as a reinforcer, social reinforcers and environmental reinforcers.

Unit 10.  Planning

Facilitating success for both dog and trainer, long and short term goals, identifying skills required, teaching components, breaking down behaviours, combining and merging behaviours. Seeking solutions.

Unit 11.  Advanced protocols

Resurgence & extinction, negative reinforcement, adduction, concepts. Building chains and compounds behaviours. Preparation for performance.

Unit 12. Teaching People

This unit is only available to those who have studied or been assessed in units 1-11
Seeking solutions for other people and dogs, identifying the skills required, breaking down the behaviour components, setting up for success. Changing understanding and emotional response. Creative exercises for learning. Teaching through Genabacab. Managing classes and group learning. Maintaining motivation. Equal opportunities in teaching. Meeting the learning needs of dog owners.


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