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The real voyage of discovery consists
not in seeking new landscapes,
but in having new eyes.



A blend of practical training and presentations

Geek Weekend

Dressage Workshop

Teaching dogs to enjoy their natural movements through developing awareness, balance, strength and fluency. Finding the key points through movement and stillness.

Feb 25: Apr 29

Geek Weekend

Play Master Weekend

Play together. Live together. Play is ultimate communication that enhances our relationship and develops connection. From gentle, sleepy games to exquisite physical exercise. 

Jul 7 & 8 

Geek Weekend

Geek Weekend: Adding Finish

Adding finish to the training is an overlooked part of the learning process. We get attracted to teaching new things, without reaching the top of the hill and enjoying the view.

Feb 10 & 11

Geek Weekend

Border Collie Weekend

Sheepdogs and their inherited skills can be a blessing, a quirk or a complete mystery. Learn about their heritage and how to channel their energy towards a benefical lifestyle. 

Jun 16 & 17

Geek Weekend

Geek Weekend: Biography of a Behaviour

Behaviour is in a lifelong state of change. Some of these changes increase the occurrence of the behaviour, some diminish it, but behaviour rarely stays fixed.

Jul 21 & 22

Workshops are held at training different venues around the country. Please check individual events for details. 

We start at 9.30, please do not arrive before 9am, we finish by 5pm. 

The dogs usually train one at a time which means your dog may not be active all day and you must make arrangements for them to rest. You can bring a crate or leave your dog in your car, provided they can rest without continually barking, and you are prepared for all weather conditions.

Please bring food for training. We recommend chopped sandwich meats, home made treats, cooked chicken pieces, sausage, but not packet treats. Your dog may be eating large quantities so please select appropriate foods.

If you are bringing non-participating dogs they should be familiar with resting all day.

You may arrange to video your own training.

At no time can you video, or record, anyone else training or teaching.

We do not provide lunch, but tea and coffee will be free flowing. 

We stop for about 60 minutes midday, with a break mid-morning and mid-afternoon. 

If your dog is unwell please do not attend the workshop, some diseases are highly infectious, particularly kennel cough.
You can still attend as a spectator, and maintain the option to transfer your place to the next similar event.

Please do not bring bitches in season.

Refunds can only be given if notification is more than:
3 months before: 100%; 28 days before: 75%

Where possible we will try to transfer you onto a similar course. Refunds and transfers administration fee is £5.


Please contact us for BACS Payment by Bank Transfer (IBAN) and Internet Banking

The SHOP  will take you to the available workshops. Choose your workshop selection and go to the check out to complete the order. You can choose to participant with your own dog or book a place as a spectator.

We accept credit and debit cards through PayPAL. 

The confirmation of the transaction is sent via email and indicates that we have received your booking. It does not indicate that a contract exists between us. We will indicate acceptance of your booking for a course, workshop or seminar when we send confirmation with directions to the venue approximately 10 days before the date. If you do not receive confirmation please contact us.

We reserve the right to postpone or cancel a course, workshop or seminar if numbers are insufficient. In the case of a change of price, we will always contact you first to ensure that the price is acceptable.


written by Kay Laurence


We have a range of courses from short 6-8 lessons to the 2 year, 24 lesson Trainer Accredited by Kay Laurence (TAKL) course.

More new courses are on the way, should whelp around April time ….!

Geek Weekend

Learning About Border Collies

Short Course: Online

For collies, and working sheepdogs of any heritage, enthusiasm to learn only required. Covering the background, history, training collies for sports, urban living and partnership. 

details soon

Geek Weekend

Dressage Course

Short Course: Online

The foundations for all sports and rehabilitation training to teach  balance and fine movement. Covering the training techniques and gait analysis. For all dogs, all shapes and ages.

details soon

Courses are designed for someone who enjoys training with their own dog or a professional teacher and trainer with clients.

Each course description should give you a clear idea of the expectations and focus. 

We have learners from all around the world and in different languages. 

We have been running successful courses in the Moodle environment since 2008.

The lessons are posted every 2 weeks and are a blend of written material and exercises to train with your dog, or for you to learn training skills. The lesson begins in a ClassRoom forum where the finer points are discussed and details expanded.

Over the two weeks the forum stays active and you can share your training, get feedback and colaborate with other learners.

Some courses will have Individual Learning Activities (ILAs) that you can submit for review.

ClassRooms are usually held at 1800 GMT, and 0900 GMT, depending on the course. These are forum, not video based, and can be reviewed at any time during the course.

Certification within the courses is comptency based, which requires you for provide evidence of your learning, understanding and skills.

This may be in the format of written work, videos, interviews, and training.

Some courses will award a certificate of attendance only.

Technology is zooming ahead, changing the way we interact and influencing the way we learn. Or maybe not? I do not think we learn any differently but we certainly have easier access to what we want to learn in a format that is much, much more accessible.

Learning has always been a blend of skill, knowledge and understanding, delivered to us by those already in possession of the skills, broad knowledge and depth of understanding. In the past if I wanted to study under a specific person I would have needed to attend their classes, courses or if lucky, have access to a book.

“A book”. Hmmm, this might only give me a peek at what I could learn, a series of books might be better, mixed with a series of videos showing the skills, and lots of exercises from their experience and knowledge.

I enjoy learning today, I get to choose what I want to learn and how I want to learn it. I do not have to fit into someone else’s learning shoes or learning pace. The progression is at my pace.

I enjoy studying online in the virtual classroom. I choose my topic and follow a series of videos over a 5 or 6 hour course. I have written material to study, tremendous visual explanations and I am learning from a professional in that field. Someone who has mastered the 10,000 hours and can bring to life the processes with the tips that make the tasks much easier, success is within reach and clearly understood. It is an inspiration, and motivates the between-class learning, training, note taking, practice and exploration.

It also makes me laugh out loud:  see the video

No, not dog training, “resource production” may be closer. I have been in possession of the Adobe Creative Suite for several years, trundling along with the instruction manuals that explain to me each of the features of the system.

I now follow the courses and have fallen in love all over again. Addicted to learning new aspect and confident enough to explore, test and try out new things.

Can we achieve that joy with learning about dogs? Absolutely. The science is copiously written down explored and taught – that is the software manuals that describe how each function works. Do the software designers build inspiring videos, breath-taking graphics that hook our interest? Very unlikely.

We need the practioners, the professionals, the people who take this software and explore blending ideas together, stretching the edges of what is possible and imagining new ways of using the tools.


I have the tools, I have talented dogs, great trainers, and now can produce the resources for sharing the learning.

This is never going to be limited to books.

It has to be seen, it has to be stepped at a pace for the individual to absorb, learn and explore. It has to be experienced to raise more questions. It has to be shared.

Shared learning is truly a gift. One person’s question is another person’s solution. A different view can crystalise understanding.

Welcome to our new learning format.

Global group learning brings a richness to the experience where different lifestyles, different learners and relationships will share their journey. What you get out of studying on in this environment is dependent on your personal investment, with the addition of serious thought processes whilst you do the housework, walk the dog, drive and try to get to sleep.

The courses encourages self-directed learning and critical thinking developing a new mind-set that will project forward to every dog you share your life with in the future. There is very little space for branded training recipes, off the shelf solutions or quick-fixes.

Personal tutors within the course can assist with technology and individual learning activities can be completed on some courses for direct review.


Refunds will be given if notification is more than:

3 months before: 100%

28 days before: 75%

Where possible we will try to transfer you onto a similar course. Refunds and transfers administration fee is £5.

Please contact us for BACS Payment by Bank Transfer (IBAN) and Internet Banking

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