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Geek Weekend: Jul 21 & 22


Biography of a Behaviour

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Biography of a Behaviour

Held at Forest Oak Farm, nr Lydney

Behaviour is in a lifelong state of change. Some of these changes increase the occurrence of the behaviour, some diminish it, but behaviour rarely stays fixed.

As trainers we share a fascination for behaviours: from teaching a pup to run towards us on their name to performance skills for dog sports, from retrieving objects as an assistance partners to substance indication for a search dog.

This workshop will look at:

  • the very beginnings of a behaviour, its function, why it exists and its purpose
  • techniques to develop the behaviour, build the skills and fluency
  • integrate a lifelong reinforcement history
  • create attachments from the environment that cue the behaviour
  • build its strength, resilience and performance conditions

Equally these techniques can be used to replace unwanted behaviours by increasing the strength, skills, fluency and resilience of desired behaviours.

The weekend will be a blend of practical activities and presentation. The topics will dive to “geek level” where we unfold the many layers of our understanding, question and dissect common beliefs.