Are we skilled in rewarding?

Rewards are so important. As we learn more about how they function, especially between the ears, it shifts our understanding. Not just a bit to the left, or right, but into a new country. Rewards are the power behind cue discrimination and the very purpose of learning.


The lovely review from Wini Vershueren will show you the sort of inner glow we get from learning about rewards:

  • I loved the course!  I took it from A to Z, but I think going back to it will be by picking the chapter I want to work on.
  • I won’t see behaviour the same way as before.
  • I learned from experience some dogs appreciate, (need ?) more variety of rewards than others, at all or some levels, to keep them engaged, interested, than others, but understanding the Reward Prediction Error, makes it just more fascinating.
  • I like the new vocabulary Reward Predicting Stimulus.
  • Your presentations are amazing. They are very complementary. Of course I follow the podcast as well 🙂
    I’m not a drawing person, but I will try to bring in more drawings in my teaching, because it helps perceiving the information from a different angle and I’m sure some people will appreciate it.
  • I like your symbol of a RPS :  the cue with a little reward attached to it !
  • Your metaphors, expressions and expressed thoughts, make my day! I think that is a way to get into my brain and stick in it. I will pay attention not to deliver food as a “fatigued waiter” 🙂 . “Working the wrong sheep” Nice !
  • Of course I will have to come back and revisit the course. Thanks for keeping it open for life ! There’s a lot of information to be digested and I have questions. I have a question on the “blocking” and relevant and irrelevant information, but I need to find a way to express my thoughts clearly first. I will come back to you for that.
  • I do like the format to go through the material. This course is a gift with that much quality information. But as you say “doing is learning”.

More learning

Yup, the more we learn, the more we find to learn. A truly never ending journey. These reward skills will change your training, but are also likely to change how your perceive your own rewards.

If you are a Setter Member you will get 50% discount and you can join the Group for follow up training and feedback on your progress. …. that’s my reward!

Reward Skills

Learn the rich and fascinating landscape of rewards.

This course is a lifetime resource. Follow the pathway step-by-step or dip in and out.

The more we explore and blend the theory, biology and application it is clear that this is not a simple process, it is complex and very sophisticated. With active minds open to learning we can continue to understand more, apply in an educated format and improve the combination of learning and dogs that we know and love and call training.

New technology is changing our understanding which will influence what rewards you choose. Explore the different and diverse ways we can deliver rewards to bring excitement or relaxation, curiosity or confidence.


Setter Members 50% discount


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