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Connection is at the heart of our lives.

It has no boundaries and no measure.

It is offered freely and without charge.

Articles on Connection

Contributions from many authors.

I wanted her to be a “naughty”dog.

by Frances McCormack

… my breath catching with joy as I watched her canine self unfold.

Deep love and trust for each other

by Heather Binns

I learnt about connection with my horse Magnum.

Conversation for life

by Julie Van Schie

Living with a dog is about developing a relationship and all successful relationships are based on connection.

What does connection look like?

by Chris Bond

Activities can all be done with or without connection, but with connection they appear fluent.

Connection is always
there if you’re
looking for it.

Laura Holder


Connection is a dynamic quantity

by Silvia Franken

Connection is a dynamic product of three ingredients: an emotional bond, memory and mental focus.

Connection is reinforcing

by Kay Laurence

Dogs will often choose how they maintain their connection with you. The thread that binds the pack, is an invisible and easily dismissed.

... of yogis, dogs and humans

by Sylvie Mazan

An expression of trust, relationship and the deep attraction, which develops so easily between dogs and their human fellows.

A lesson in connection

by Susan Friedman

It surprises me that it is a lesson I need repeated so often.

Connection is a very personal experience. What is connection for one person may not be for another.
We can feel connected to people, to art, to a landscape, to a house.
From a beginning of total dependency graduating to a fulfilling relationship that flows in many streams over different landscapes.
Connection can flow strongly or meander peacefully. It can be seasonal with different characteristics that bring their own values.

Complete trust.

No doubt.

Laura Holder


This Wild Idea

An inspiring photographer, person-who-connects-with-a-dog, website:

Photo: Theron Humphrey

“These days I like to think my photography exists somewhere between that country living and city ideals. Images with roots and connections but excited about big lights and tall buildings.”

eyes wide open

The Joy of Learning

Curiosity, discovery, success, confidence, understanding, growth: all of these things can nurture a joy of learning for its own sake

Connection starts with invitation

by Sarah Owings

A precious freedom that fills the space between two beings when there is no agenda, no time limit, no “have to get it done.”

Emma Parsons

Feeling comfortabe

by Iris Maxfield

We take time to train, but how connected are we as their trainer?

Connection is knowing
when you can lean
on a friend

Kay Laurence

This page is a dedication to all the animals we share our lives with. A  spotlight on how connection underpins our relationships.

Many different thoughts and ways of expressing connection. From photographs, quotes to articles. The wonderful aspect of a webpage is the unlimited amount of material we can collect.

I would love to include your ideas on the page. An article from 5 to 5000 words would be very welcome, a quote that resonates with you, an experience that describes what connection between people and dogs is for you.

We may be able to share ways of connecting, strengthen connection and open up those “new eyes” for those who have lost the connection.


  1. Iris Maxfield


    Being attuned to the emotional state of another being, a desire to create collaboration, listening, the art of being present in a relationship, emotional connection and empathy.

    We can feel an instant connection when we first meet another being whether two feet or four paws, equally we may have to work hard at making that connection, feeling comfortable in their presence, understanding who they are and then being able to read their emotional state, depending on the closeness of the relationship.

    Dogs are pretty unique in the way that they tune in to human emotions. Paying REAL attention to our four pawed friend, need only take a few minutes at a time, but to be there and present in that time with them, can create connection and value.

    Over time they’ll seek more of that connection with you.

    Building or improving the connection.
    It all takes time, that’s the hard bit, patience, listening , watching, being aware and commitment to being in the moment with them is all part of building the connection.

    We may take time to train, but how connected are we as their personal trainer?
    Do we share jokes and story’s or is it just pay and go?



    For me it is contentment. Contentment in each other’s company in a fluid relaxed way that can be moved fluently to training mode because training is fun for both parties. Confidence that we will listen and hear each other, responding to mood, situation and environment. Teaching skills that help our dogs to feel safe and trust our decision making.

    I am currently experimenting with a walking protocol which is moving away from the dog always having to keep at an unnatural pace in walk. So far the effects are amazing. We are so much more connected.

    So far as clients are concerned the same contentment and trust I feel is hugely important in order to convey our teaching in a way that it can be absorbed and understood. Humour can help and in some cases break down walls of tightness and embarrassment but just like the dogs all people are different and individual approaches of contentment must be sought. Not one size fits all.

    Meanwhile I was actually trying to find a place where I can ask a question about my interpretation of sheep balls if anyone can point me in the right direction. The one small thread I found doesn’t seem the appropriate place as my question is several paragraphs.

    • Kay Laurence

      Contentment is a lovely part of connection, along with trust and safe. I always teach walking at a natural pace for the dog, even if the person has to go, really, really slowly to find mutually comfortable.

      Until I have a page dedicated to sheepballs, I do not have a format for lengthy discussion. ……. soon though.

  3. Sally Smith

    Connection. A deep unspoken mutual awareness underpinned by emotion and rational thought. “I am Heathcliffe. He is always always in my mind” Emily Bronte.

  4. info2

    Connection to me is understanding each others natural rhythm
    I get you, see you and accept you totally

  5. Scott Stauffer

    Connection to me?
    When someone says “Thank You” just for you being you. When someone asks you to stay a lil longer. That text that says “Thanks for letting me vent. Thanks for not trying to fix me.”
    When you get that warm fuzzy butt leaning against you, instead of acting out.
    It’s that reach for someone when you need help. That full belly laugh, roll in the grass or dirt. It’s that smile of gratitude. The mostly non verbal communication that helps you feel acknowledged from somewhere unexpected.
    It’s that feeling that makes you take note and say “yes, I’ll do that again for you.”
    Connection is nothing if you don’t feel heard or appreciated. Whether through good times or a stressful time. More importantly, after a stressful situation.

  6. Deborah House

    Connection is being comfortable in each others’ company, where communication is easy, actions are anticipated and there is pleasure in being together. Connection requires trust, shared interests or views, seeing things from a different perspective, attention to detail, effort, tolerance and a desire to give joy. It can come easily or we may have to work at it – when it happens, life becomes easier and opportunities become endless.


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