Cup on a Stick Training Skills

This is one of my most elegant inventions – it combines the benefits of luring without the complications of luring by hand.

  • It lets me see the whole of the dog, and teach moves beyond the reach of my arm.
  • It teaches tremendous focus and can build exquisite movements, shapes and patterns.

Just love it!

You can begin with the Foundation Course (details on the course content below) follow on with the Advanced Course or sign up for the bundle.

If you are a Setter Member you will get 50% discount and you can join the group for follow up training and feedback on your progress. 

Cup on a Stick Foundation Skills

a Kay Laurence original !

An elegant and simple technique of luring without the complications of luring by hand.

The added benefit brings clarity to the dog, allows us to be able to clearly observe what movements the dog is learning and easily remove the lure when the training is complete.


Setter Members 50% discount

Cup on a Stick Advanced Skills

also a Kay Laurence original, and possibly a bit geeky ….

COURSE follow on from Foundation

Teach your dog the balanced stand, develop fitness in movement: trotting, backing and reversing patterns, lateral steps and correct action for the essential pivots and rotations. Easily built and will benefit the dog’s fitness or for specific sport expectations or simply because you enjoy teaching and seeing your dog learn.


Setter Members 50% discount


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