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Access to The Sett community discussions in the Voyage of Discovery forums.

SETTER LIBRARY with 12 WorkBooks, over 70 lessons, covering over 150 topics for 12 months.

Access to LIVE courses and presentations with the Learning Community for Setter Members only.

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Learn More About Border Collies

A unique collection of resources

Support and Guidance for both you and your Collie to live together enjoying each other’s company.


New Features every month

When people who share a passion get together the learning explodes

Setters Library

Enjoy browsing over 11 Workbooks, 74 lessons covering 151 topics. Don’t get lost!

Core Skills:
  • Reward Skills
  • Management or Training
  • Build the Learning
  • Cup on a Stick
Sports and Special interests:
  • Heelwork Foundations
  • Fitness Foundations
  • Learning About Border Collies
  • Wait be ready
  • Something Simple
Video Presentations:
  • Cue Technology
  • Training or Management

Setters Forum

Covering all the topics we enjoy discussing.

SettChat &
The Biscuit Tin

For discussions to benefit all our learning and push those boundaries out.

Live Courses

Limited to Setter Members over 2 or 3 months.

You get the chance to build on a project of your personal interests,  working with other participants, sharing experience, suggestions and creating ideas and solutions.

Uploading your learning, for feedback, coaching and reviews of individual plans.

Discounts on New Courses

 .. and you do not need to bring along a Setter.

All dogs welcome,

people a bonus.


Setter Members

For people looking to the future and setting our compass and direction…..

Ways to join in …..

For looking and listening :

Instagram: for moments with my camera, pictures of my dogs, translations and thoughts

Podcasts: for chatting with Frances Mccormack and Sue Mcguire about the training of the day, Year One with a new puppy, great company for daily commutes.

Facebook Choices

My personal page, Kay Laurence, where everything is usually public and dog centric naturally (you do not need to friend me to keep in touch, just follow).

Then the business pages which are more direct: Learning About Dogs and Kay Laurence which regularly share the blogs and course details. I’m not sure I need them both, but some folk only know the name and some only the business ….

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