Let’s Go Shopping!

This page contains the pathway for learning about the Shopping process.

As you follow the page down there are practical steps to take with considerations that need to be made. As is so often in dog training theĀ  process is not absolute, it depends on many factors and variables.

We shall discuss the choices so that you can make decisions about the options in the Classroom.

An Action

A task, something that you will do

A Choice

Options that you will need to consider

check point

Check before progress

Yes, but ...

this is not happening

1. Before you begin training

The basic principle

Dog engages with you and enquires

Mark, acknowledge

Cue: “shopping?”

Reach for pot,
collect choice reward,
lock pot,
deliver reward

Dog disengages with food source (pot) to engage with you

What marker-cue will you use

Step away

How far to step away

2. Before you collect the dog

Prepare the environment

Select rewards
Select container

Consider layout of area

No interruptions!

Perform a Walk through

Plan the variables

3. Collect the dog

Teach basic principle

The minimum necessary for success

Behaviour to reward

Choice of delivery

Camera set switched on?

After reward the dog chooses to re-engage and enquire

this is not happening

This stage will be repeated until there is evidence of success of the basic principles in varied situations.

What variables will you choose

4. Prepare to repeat

Increase distance to travel

Your location(s)

What behaviour will you reward

Deliver the reward to allow you longer to step away

Location encourages a distance to travel

5. Introduce new behaviours

Build the repertoire

Suitable behaviour(s) to add on – do not be greedy

Mark + Clear cue to travel

6. New shops

Decide where to shop

Extend the anticipation with more travel

Variable rewards

Mark + Clear cue to travel

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