Continuation of Development

Opportunities to continue learning are available and centred around the skills that contribute to your confidence and competency. Short courses and classes will be scheduled in The Sett, where you can develop the skills and learn with others, get direct feedback on your own progress, and have an individual learning plan and tuition.

To begin this next step, please complete this quiz which is based on the Skills of the Engineer so that a profile can be established. You can prepare with the word document before you take the evaluation. Not all points in the check list are individually included.

The purpose of this evaluation process is for me to be able to build a continuing curriculum for developing our own learning and building the skills. All the points are included in the course if you need more information before you can assess your own level.

This is a key process if you are looking to develop an individual learning plan and tuition with me, or for yourself, to consider what you may feel you need to learn: urgently, at some time or maybe one day.

The quiz will ask you to assess your current level of skills;

  1. Beginner: this is a new area for me, I would like to develop my skills
  2. Novice: I have a basic idea but need to develop more
  3. Happy: the skills I have meet my current needs and expectations
  4. Passionate: this is my super power and I would love to share my skills and teach others.
  5. I have no idea what this is about.

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