Learning to learn is a skill

This applies to both us and our dogs. When we are actively engaged in learning we become more skillful at the process, so does the dog. That 16 week old pup is a MASTER at learning, questioning everything around them usually with an aim to reverse engineer its construction.

When we have an passion for learning it is usually a subject that engages a curiosity and opens the door. The route ahead becomes a pathway that presents challenges and achievement blended to maintain engagement. At times we stand still and absorb the view, and at times we roll up our sleeves and set down to the work.

Before you begin a training course clarify what fun you are seeking. Is this journey about learning more about your dog, or developing additional skills for yourself? Are you exploring training technology or seeking a deeper understanding? Whatever you are learning at the front of the classroom is your dog, paying attention, ready to help and looking forward to the daily learning. Dogs have a natural passion for learning that too often has been neglected in us. Take care to nurture that passion and include regular checks on what the dog is learning every step of the way as your learning companion.