Management or Training Course

I loved spending my Summer putting this course and video presentations together. The hardest job was deciding what to leave out. Do you really need to know about good practice techniques? Well, yes, because just knowing how to teach something is not a lot of use unless you know how to set up practice sessions, and ensure the dog is going to really enjoy the time your spend together. The more they enjoy it, to more we do, the more we are likely to do it every day …. this is how training becomes addictive. It brings its own buzz!

I can get a bit geeky

When you have a really deep passion for a subject you will not limit your learning. There is always more to discover.

I appreciate that you may not be as enthusiastic about that exploration as I am (yet, give it time), so you can use this course to skim across and select a few tips that are going to get you through a query.

Or you can get fully immersed and explore your new pup’s entire future career and plan out their learning steps.


This course is a combination of a book; with lots to read, diagrams; with lots to explain, videos; with lots to watch, a sprinkling of stuff to do, with lots to try out.

It is not a digest-in-one-chunk, (36 steps) but a lifelong resource that will be regularly updated and you can visit on and off for life. Perfect when you feel a need for a turbo boost to get the training up to speed.

If this sounds like the deep end of the pool, have a coast along with the video presentation. It covers most of the key points and the full course will take you into all the areas that will help you make your choices.

If you are a Setter Member you will have access to this course along with all the Setter Library. You can join the Group for follow up training and feedback on your progress.

Management or Training Course

Management or Training?

Find YOUR pathway, for your pup, for your solution

A lifetime journey where new material will be continually integrating.

The subject of training is far more complex that it appears on the surface. We are bombarded with guaranteed recipes and magical solutions that no longer provide satisfactory answers.

You can skim along to resolve a short term gap or make long term plans for your new puppy or adult dog joining your household. Plan what you would like them to learn and then detail exactly what they are going to learn, how you will achieve this and in what order.

Choice is viewed as a positive, but too many choices without guidance can be overwhelming. Being comfortable with the choices available, knowing what choices you have and the potential outcomes is way to enjoy the process.



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