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Jun 2019

Clicker Revolution – The Book

May 2019

Short Online Courses – Lessons to download:

Learning About Border Collies
Target Foundations
Heelwor Foundations
Finish the Training

April 2019

Clean Training: tips for your training housework – getting a clear understanding of the different types of duration and how to teach it.

February 2019

The start of the Beyond the Collar Articles – which I would love to have more contributions, comments and ideas please?

December 2018

The Super-Focus of Scent – SETTERS

If you are a FaceBook fellow, you may like to pop-in to our Members Group page. A short-term home for some chat and natter whilst I work out a better forum format on our own site.

November 2018:

Fitness Foundation Course: 6 Lessons – SETTERS

August 2018:

Zip2: Early learning, with Pot and Cup videos – ALL MEMBERS
The Fade In project expanded with examples – SETTERS
The Power of Anticipation new project – SETTERS.

Living with dogs

From new puppies to old dogs, from sleeping at night to every day walks.


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