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Project 2020

The never ending book

Celebrating 20 years since Learning About Dogs become a proper business in an age when dog training was only regarded as a hobby. The growth has made education much more accessible and available to great numbers. As I build this new, exciting project compiling all that I have learned I realise that there are hundreds of interlinking threads connect one area to another.

At last, digital learning brings a benefit that a book can never provide, and offer learning in multiple formats at the same time. You can read, watch, interact, listen, explore understanding, apply your learning, get feedback and expand in a direction of your choice.

With these new eyes you get to view landscapes that you did not know existed.

New Stuff

Clicker Revolution – The Book

Clean Training: tips for your training housework – getting a clear understanding of the different types of duration and how to teach it.

The Super-Focus of Scent

If you are a FaceBook fellow, you may like to pop-in to our Members Group page. A short-term home for some chat and natter whilst I work out a better forum format on our own site.

The Fade In project expanded with examples

The Power of Anticipation new project


Short lessons, debates, topics for chewing from a weekend to a couple of weeks.

Focus on single topic, build your understanding, try out the activities, review, share, feedback, measure progress and outcomes…. or just come for discussion.

Knowledge ~ Skills ~ Application

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New Stuff

Short Online Courses – Lessons to download:

  • Learning About Border Collies
  • Target Foundations
  • Heelwork Foundations
  • Finish the Training
  • Fitness Foundation Course: 6 Lessons

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