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Very often tricky, very often hard work,
but usually rewarding

The need to correct an error

The need to correct an error

Our cultural history of training dogs is laced with Person shows Dog types of principles. As if a person can actually “tell” a dog how to sit, when every dog knows how to sit at about 3 weeks old. But the process of training used to be focussed on taking away what was...

Changing is growth

Changing is growth

We are naturally attracted to familiar ways of training or living with our dogs. We have often worked hard to learn those habits and there is a reluctance to make changes since this is hard work. It takes mentally energy to note what we are not doing well, recall what changes we need to make, find the prompts that can move us to the changes and then work on the skills those changes require.

Laura Holder

This page is my (indulgent) opportunity to throw ideas up in the air and see where they land.

I was encouraged to ask questions, or more truthfully, I was not discouraged from asking questions. But there were times when I learned to be careful of the questions I asked.

I hope you will stay for a while, browse, and with thoughtfulness ask more questions.

You never know – someone may be able to answer them

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Are training protocols compromised for commercial gain?

Questions we
should be asking

… but maybe a tad uncomfortable

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Photos that say everything
we can’t put
into words.

Start a topic

The forum section is not proving a suitable function for dog trainers. I KNOW we like to talk about training, and some of the public forums need to be regarded as unsafe and dangerous ground.


Here we have a very select group, who have passed the necessary tests (negotiating Members to the site) and can call themselves Setters – folk who want to move thier learning forward and broaden their reach and understanding.

Go Setters!

As a little suggestions I think we can set up this page to also include discussions in a format that will work on Desktops, iPads or phones, still be readable and able to follow.

Each of the Blogs you can see on this page can also be used as kick off points for discussion. If you would like to begin a discussion – which may be just an idea that you want to toss around, or explore, or connect with other people. Then please either comment at the bottom of this page, or to one of the blogs, and I will start a new blog/discussion.

You can add links to other websites, articles that made your teeth itch, or a personal background or review that you would like to share.

 … over to you!

More questions

generate more questions ……


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We love to hear from you – going beyond the collar is about the thoughts that are provoked. 


Folk who have passion, experience, knowledge and dogs.
When people with the same passion get together learning explodes.

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  1. Julie van Schie

    I’d be really interested in a thoughtful discussion on equipment. Iris mentioned using a head collar (not my favourite piece of equipment), extender leads are much aligned but I do use them in select situations. What do people use? When and why? What do you / we suggest to others? Pros and cons? I’d be particularly interested in hearing from those with experience and knowledge of structure and gait.

  2. Kay Laurence

    We shall be setting up a kick off point for equiment – so far the list is head collars, flexi-leads, harnesses …. anything else to add?

  3. Iris Maxfield

    Wondering if others have any other takes on poop eating dogs, we’ve all had them.

    This is a link I’ve just blogged and put on my FB page, Every now and then I think too much, and often have put a question on FB which leads to some good point coming up in discussion, unfortunately it seems if I blog something, which is a very recent activity, there’s no discussion or throwing different point of view around.

    This is a link I’ve just blogged and put on my FB page, which was from my search to help Rolo. I started digging in 2012/13


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