individual learning 

Curated Learning Program

A program of carefully selected material organised over a 6 month period. This will include articles and resources from our own site and externally recommended. 

Regular online calls can be arranged every 2 weeks for 30 minutes to discuss progress, clarification and recommendations. 


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Setter Membership

Includes access to all the library courses

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Setter Membership that covers the 6 month program.

Regular access to our hosted individual forum that will contain the learning resources, links from uploaded videos, feedback.

Resources such as toys and training equipment (leashes, collar harness)

Time for at least 2 active training sessions per week. 

Video (phone) and Tripod


This learning programme is an opportunity for you to learn more about building connection with your dog, developing lifeskills and understanding of the dog’s care and learning.

Feedback will be given on video progress with recommendations for specific activities and in some cases prevention or discontinuation of certain activities.

Punitive techniques or equipment that will cause the dog harm or distress will inhibit progress and are not recommended at any time.

Safety and welfare considerations for the dog and all parties involved are essential and are the participants’ own responsibility.

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