Finishing the training


This is a short online course of 6 lessons.

For trainers looking for a high quality, performance level of results, that are reliable, robust and consistent.

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This is a short online course of 6 lessons and 6 weeks post course access.

Finishing & Polishing Training for Performance

For All Trainers and Owners

~ Looking for a high quality, performance level of results (Performance is defined as the requirement of competitions, real life, or working tasks) 

For All Activities*

~ Where the training objectives are behaviours that are reliable, robust and consistent

For Dogs

~ With at least 3 trained behaviours that are ready for the finishing process.
These behaviours should at the point where you are happy with the quality, attitude and stability. It can vary from a simple 6 steps of heelwork to a drop down from stand, or a “let’s go” when faced with challenges.

Particularly suitable

~ For young dogs training towards performance
~ For trainers preparing for their first competitions
~ For dogs with inconsistent results in performance

The course will cover

  • Teaching cue seeking, exquisite cue discrimination, cue minimisation
  • Stabilising the behaviours, where consistency is sought and developed
  • Flexibility in behaviour where the dog can adapt to different challenges
  • Using the wide variety of obvious and subtle reinforcers in performance conditions
  • Teaching resilience and determination without using extinction

All training is based on positive reinforcement techniques

* activities that do not include causing fear or harm to any animals, such as shooting or hunting.

Class Dates

Aug 2, Aug 16, Aug 30, Sep 13, Sep 27, Sep 11

Lesson times: Thursdays 0900-1000 & 1500–1600 (GMT / UTC)

You can attend either lessons, both or neither.