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For People who want to

Learn more about Border Collies

and their first cousins

The Collie Wiki ~ Quirks and The Collie Brain
What do you want your Collie to learn and how?
Flock of Collie Games and Play
Rearing a Collie Pup for the best future
Living Together: balancing with  Collieness and lifestyle ~  The Myths and Legends of Border Collies

Suitable for:

Families that include Border Collies and Sheepdogs where learning never ends.

People who work with rehoming and rehabilitating Border Collies and would like to increase their skills.

People who work with clients in need of support with their dogs.

Anyone dreaming about getting a collie puppy, or have a youngster and would like to build the very best life for them.


Membership is via subscription and costs £7 a month.

If you have already purchased the Learning About Border Collie Workbook or Course you are our guest for the first two months. 

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Two collies running fast

Flock Members get 10% discount for SheepBalls®

for the love of Collies

~ More than just a dog
~ More than a herding breed
If you know . . .  you know.

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