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Hold Off Hold on

Being able to say “hold on, stop where you are” is a key safety protocol for dogs. When taught with care and thoughtfulness the dog can learn when to hold off from rushing into our space and how to hold on whilst we step away or be busy around them.


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The FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE DOG resources are centred around the dog and the natural enthusiasm they can experience from the learning process. The benefits are in the choice of what we want them to learn and the way that learning is engineered.

The purpose of learning is to gain more and better rewards and with our guidance what they learn will be filled with confidence, competence and understanding.

We will build our abilities to enjoy a conversation that flows in both directions. A question asked and answered where listening is part of the guidance. It gives us tremendous pleasure to see these skilled learners show us the joy in the process.

To suit all ages of dogs and anyone interested in learning the key skills that can benefit all that we aim to teach. You can apply these skills across all their learning and develop a repertoire of cues and signals that can be practised with real enthusiasm.

The book will take you through the process of:

~ how to teach the dog when to HOLD OFF from coming into our space

~ how to HOLD ON whilst we step away or be busy around them

Your skills will develop alongside your dog:

~ observing the environment and the dog’s interpretation of their surroundings

~ seeking evidence of learning and the process of graduating that learning to difference environments

~ adapting the step-by-step progress to suit your learner

~ precision communication that leaves the dog with no doubts

~ learning the joy of memory games

~ deepening the reward pleasure

This journey will benefit your relationship as you explore the learning side by side, where you learn with the dog and both find deep satisfaction in the experience.

For the Benefit of the Dog:

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