Lessons from Learning About Border Collies

A look at the background and history of sheepdogs that contribute to the dogs we share our lives with today. Solutions for modern management and games. 


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Lessons from the ONLINE course for Learning About Border Collies and Sheepdogs

 ➤  The background and history of how our working sheepdogs evolved to manage sheep in the UK – particularly to the collie breed where wolves were long gone and the “silent worker” was becoming the favoured choice of working dog.

 ➤  The development of the breed collies, sports collies and tractor driver’s partner.

 ➤  How the herding and gathering behaviours are developed and balanced within the dog. When these go out of balance and understanding that collies have needs that are impossible to ignore.

 ➤  Making changes to lifestyle, learning what to live with and what can be changed. 

➤  Building the skills to be able to live together and avoid conflict and challenges. 

➤  Learning to select different rewards to suit different behaviours with sheepdog preferences.

 ➤ Developing Sheepball skills for pleasure, for therapy and for necessity.

Learning to enjoy living together and relishing all that is collie-ness.

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