MicroLearn: Lets Go Shopping


Two Week Course: starts Jan 2nd 2020

This is a micro-learn course over a two week period.
Focus on single topic, build your understanding, try out the activities, review, share, feedback, measure progress and outcomes…. or just come for discussion.

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This protocol, taking the dog shopping for their reward, includes anticipation as an integral part of the reward process. It blows apart the “three second rule”, and extends the value and the experience for the dog. By giving space around the reward delivery we can begin to see so much more as the dog returns to continue the training.

We can train without needing to wear food or be food dispensers, we become companions in the process. The dog learns new skills of travelling to their reward station and learning to by-pass other opportunities. It teaches great focus, connection and an a deeper understanding of separating the reward from the behaviour. Truly delicious – Harrods, Waitrose, take your pick, this is shpping that you will enjoy!

The course will be hosted on the Learning About Dogs virtual site. Additional log in details will be sent out on Jan 1st. The lesson begins will begin at 1800, 6pm (GMT) and continues over two weeks. The forum will remain accessible for an addtional 5 days. You can upload videos for feedback during the two weeks.

£25 Setter Members. £50 Guests

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