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Living Their Best Lives

For Border Collies and their first cousins

16 weeks starting 18 Jan 2024

Finding the joy of living together and letting their collieness bring a smile to your face.

 Learning how the sheepdog brain views the world and what they consider worthy of responding to and why

 Games designed especially for Collies to experience the delights of dopamine: including SheepBalls®, MouseBall

 Activities that develop and engage an active brain (Pet Brain Repertoire)

 Companions Walking Together: Close Browsing, Side-By-Side and Purposeful Wandering without the need to become a traffic controller

 Access to the Learning About Border Collies WorkBook

 Feedback on individual work and training

 Fire Drills for the unexpected moments

 The value of Restorative Rest, learning Stillness and the pleasures of Stand By

 Application of the reward systems that are a part of sheepdog genetics

 A day at the trials: a special live event watching the masters at work

This course is suitable for:

Families that include Border Collies particularly where Collie is inclined to select the Wrong Sheep: traffic, bikes, joggers, vacuum cleaners, cats.

Collie-cousins: Aussies, Bearded Collies, Kelpies and collie first cross. If you think your non-collie may benefit please make a short video of their  challenges for pre-course assessment.

If you work with Collie clients and would like to widen your skills set.

If you are dreaming about getting a collie puppy, or have a youngster and would like to build the very best life for them.


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Live Sessions

Live Sessions for short lessons and feedback will rotate between: Thursdays 1100, 1700 and Saturday 1100 (All GMT). This allows participants from US and Aus/NZ times to be able to join us: we love the different accents. All Live Sessions are recorded and available with all resources up to 3 months after the course closes.

Finding a Balance

Living with a collie is both a privilege and experience that brings tremendous pleasure when learning together and not in opposition. They are amazing dogs with generous passion to work with people and fulfil their role as the Other Half, whatever that job may be.

Many dogs have a working background heritage or a mixed package of sports and show dogs. 

There is NO REASON why a dog whose entire parentage over many generations only knew life in a shed with irregular or seasonal events cannot enjoy a life with you, but we do need to make allowances and adjust routines to not let their Issues, or Reasons for Living, go beyond a healthy enjoyment.

Many a happy collie lives well in a front room enjoying full time company of people and some regular games of the right sort. 

Experience and empathy

Life with Collies began in 1973 and travelled over 9 generations and 19 wonderful dogs with a sprinkling of second-hand guys.

Participation in dog sports from a beginner to Crufts championships forged a passion for training and skills for combining accuracy and joy. Sheep farming and shepherding for 12 years bought a new understanding of our collie heritage.

Kay has been teaching people teaching dogs for over 40 years in a great variety of activities. Online learning has developed into a first class learning format where daily individual feedback is blended with the richness of learning as a group. Great questions, varied lifestyles and adaptation through application brings together our passion for these amazing companions.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions: email kay


Our pdf of SheepBalls® Right Start to be sure you give your dog the best chance to learn well.

  • Best Balls to source
  • Skills you will need to practice
  • How to make the balls behave
  • The Foundations to get started 

With tips from starting hundreds of dogs exploring their heritage and pleasure. 

Image Sheepballs Start right

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