video presentation

Training or Management

A 40 minute video presentation that will give you a clear understanding of the Management and Training principles.


Finding your pathway among the thousands of recipes and magical solutions is a skill in itself. Choice is often viewed as a positive situation, but too many choices without guidance can be overwhelming. Being comfortable with the choices available, knowing what choices you have and the potential outcomes is way to enjoy the process. This presentation will help you make some important decisions whether for an urgent resolution or a long term ambition and give you some really useful tips.

Kay will explain:

 ➤  The difference between active and passive learning

 ➤  How management solutions can be applied to ensure a positive learning experience

 ➤  How to identify the skills to learn, isolate and build those skills

 ➤  How cues build both desirable and undesirable chains, 

➤  Integrate practical activities of the greatest pleasures to develop a strong relationship with your puppy or dog.

Beginning to learn about this fascinating world will open up many question and choices. If you wish to explore further you can enrol in the Management and Training Course and use the credit from the presentation off the course fee.

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