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Management or Training

Find your pathway to suit your lifestyle of living with dogs. When you need management to temporarily support the learning, or choose training.
Discover the power of passive learning and invest your energy to the active learning.


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The term training, in common usage, undersells a complex system and rarely shares a common understanding. We live with our dogs in very individually different lifestyles and personal expectations.

 ➤  We have an responsibility to meet the needs of the society we live in.

 ➤  We may share passions for different dog sports, social events with dogs and leisure activities.

 ➤  We may live in multi dog households that have different needs related to age, time of year and health.

Simple generic recipes will no longer provide satisfactory answers. We are searching for a route through a series of choices, options, outcomes for goals that require investment of time and effort.

The course is a blend of resources that offers a lifetime journey where new material, skills and understanding will be continually integrating into what you already can do, need to change or upgrade. Wander around as you would in a well-designed landscape and let your natural desire to learn stretch its legs.


The Learning Gap

With a young dog of minimum experience the pathway ahead is one of building skills and experiences and adjusting the plan as we evaluate our progress. We also have to be realistic in our expectations allowing for all the factors that can affect what we choose to do.

Plans can be short and simplistic to address a conflict: the dog scratches the paintwork on the door, or long term: developing a learner for dog sports. A short plan can resolve a gap in a few days and long term plan may take several months or years.

If we can identify a gap and look at exactly the issues we can determine how much effort is likely to be invested in closing that gap.

Will the dog be able to learn the necessary skills?

Can the environment be managed temporarily to reduce a conflict?

Can the expectations of the people be reduced?

A gap can exist for several reasons and being able to identify the gap we can fine tune our plan, and then make choices how we close that gap.



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