MicroLearn: Luring Cup on a Stick Guests


Two Week Course: Starts Nov 16 2019

This is a micro-learn course over a two week period.
Focus on single topic, build your understanding, try out the activities, review, share, feedback, measure progress and outcomes…. or just come for discussion.

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Teach by luring can be done skillfully and deliver an complicated, clean learning process for your dog. People’s hands can be confusing tools for teaching with food and are often not in quite the right place at the right time to communicate what is required.

The Cup On A Stick luring technique has been enjoyed by hundred of trainers for a very wide range of accurate behaviours from simple to complex. If you would like to learn these techniques, fish around your kitchen drawer for a measuring cup, attach this to a suitable stick and become a COAS trainer. Learn the clear steps of engage, follow and reward.

The weekend will be hosted on the Learning About Dogs virtual site. Additional log in details will be sent out on Nov 15th. The lesson begins will begin at 1000, 10am (GMT) and continues over two weeks. The forum will remain accessible for an addtional 5 days. You can upload videos for feedback during the two weeks.

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£25 Setter Members. £50 Guests.

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