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Resilience and Proofing

27 Nov 2022

In a world of learning built on the pleasure of rewards, carefully crafted so that the dog experiences success at every step, and carried out in such a way that it gradually develops the dog’s mental and physical fitness, there is no need to test out a behaviour by proofing. An awareness that the dog does not learn in a vacuum can help us channel the dog’s learning so that they understand what is relevant and what is not.

This Live Presentation and 7-day discussion will investigate how to enhance the reliability of our dogs’ learning without introducing confusion, uncertainty, or the dissolution of trust.


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Our SEEING WITH NEW EYES Live Presentation and 7-day forum are a unique opportunity to explore understanding to a new level. Learning will revolve around the Live Presentation with recommended reading and a closed Forum for the next 7 days where questions and further discussion can be stretched.


Presentations will be at 1700 GMT/UTC on 27 Nov 2022. Participants can join at 1650 to familiarise with the technology. A camera is not necessary, but please join with your mic muted. This will NOT be recorded but taking notes is definitely encouraged.

The room will be closed at 1705 late arrivals will not be able to join.

Recommended reading before the Presentation will benefit all participants.

Attendance to the Presentation is required for attendance to the Discussions Forum. Slides used in the Presentation will be available to view in the Forum.

Details of the Presentation and recommended reading will be posted in the Forum. This opens 24 hours before the presentation when you will receive an email invitation.


The Presenters are Kay Laurence and Frances McCormack experienced at living and learning with all sorts of collies.

Tighearnan with a few of his best friends. One of the happiest collies alive.

The Discussion Forum

This will be hosted on our Voyage of Discovery: a Discourse Forum.

Very often we need more time to absorb the material and let the important questions rise to the top over a few days. Learning to see with new eyes is often about revisiting our current thinking, listening to alternate voices and measuring it against new ideas. Inevitably doubts will arise and we may need to make adjustment or realise we did not need glasses at all and our view was right on track.

The Forum will be open for 7 days after the presentation. It will then be closed and all posts deleted.

Both Kay and Frances will be attending the forum to continue the discussions, add more material and recommended resources.

This is not an opportunity for private tuition although individual issues can be discussed.

Recommended Reading

Wondering if this is for you? More Reading …

The Fade-In Protocol

The Fade-In Protocol is an elegant process that builds on success and teaches exquisite discrimination skills helping the dog determine what is relevant and to do so without confusion, frustration, or error.

Fade-In Protocol (Podcast)

When teaching a behavior, we want to surround the stimulus with an environment that encourages success, not error. As a part of teaching  of behaviors to our dogs, we should prepare a range of events to “fade-in.”

Approval or Attention Seeking?

Considering jumping up from the perspective of the dog may cast into question some of our “solutions.”

Shaping by Rewards

To extinguish what doesn’t have a future or to kindle what does – that’s the choice on which much of our engineering of our dogs’ learning rests. Using the example of Zip’s protectiveness of valuable food resources, this postdemonstrates the ways in which careful examination of what an individual finds rewarding can shape the learning by addressing needs.

Guidance is not Dependence

Learning without guidance can be a stressful process that results in unstable behaviours.

Stop Doing That

Teaching this-not-that can be envisaged as providing an easier channel for the river to flow.

What Does it Mean When a Behaviour is Generalized? (Podcast)

When a dog “generalizes” a behaviour, it means they can do the behaviour under a wide variety of conditions. But a dog being able to do that has very much to do with how we originally taught the behavior.

Mnemonics: The Four D’s of Dog Training. Question These (Podcast)

We owe it to ourselves and our dogs to question the use of the “Ds.” Is it appropriate to teach a dog to do something at a distance if it’s not in the best interests of the dog?

Proofing. A Term that Makes Us Crazy (Podcast)

What is this obsession over the term-proofing?

Adaptations Build Resilience in Behaviours (Podcast)


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