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Step Up Reward Skills

starting 14 Aug 2024

The purpose of learning is to gain more and better rewards

This is a 4 week course suitable for:

Dogs of all ages, learners of mixed experience: we all travel the road together.

  Live sessions held Wednesday at 6pm UK (1700 GMT/UTC) for discussions, focus on specific topics and your questions. There will be many questions. The session will be recorded and all material available for 4 weeks after the course finishes.

  Participation in the forums creates the very best of online learning: posting progress reports, questions, doubts, ideas, observations, planning.

  Feedback and coaching is available for one dog per person. This is through your videos (hosted on YouTube etc) that you share to the forums. Maximum of 9 minutes total in 3 sessions per week) with your progress reports.

If you are enthusiastic about learning, developing and building your relationship, connection and skills then you will be very welcome.

Reinforcers are all about the “behaviour”; rewards, on the other hand, are all about the dog.

Weekly Lessons will include:

➤  Rethink reinforcers and learning to think rewards instead.

A dive as deep as you wish or a skim around the pond, because it is murky in parts.

If you were the learner, you have worked hard and have excellent hand writing: do you want to be reinforced or experience a deeply felt reward from someone you value?

➤  Learn and Teach Cue Seeking:

the metre of connect-ability.

The anticipated rewards will drive cue seeking: the desire to want to do more; integrate cue seeking into all interactions to open the conversation.

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➤ Details that matter to your dog:

The way the reward is delivered is more important that what you deliver.

Rewards are feedback: analyse the speed of delivery, the location, the sincerity and most importantly the timing of that reward prediction: your marker. Fast is definitely NOT better in reward-world.

➤  Ensure the joy flows into the learning:

Find pleasure in the activity whether precision movements, complex chains, or interactive games.

Remove uncertainty or confusion and see confidence and understanding with a helping of delight on completion.

  Do your reward choices compliment the learning

or introduce conflict?

Rewards are at the centre of learning and always deserving of close inspection. In this 4 week course you can choose specific learning to work with or add something new to your library of learning.


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