TAKL2020 Final Assessment


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Assessment is based on evidence of competency provided by the individual. Evidence should be authentic, original and sufficient. It may be completion of practical exercises and projects; training your dog, with planning, self-assessment, review and evaluation; written and/or video essays and activities.

Studying for the final assessment will involve good organisational skills and record keeping of evidence for the (37) criteria. Evidence for either interim or final assessment will only be accepted in .pdf format with full referencing to criteria. Collation of this material will contribute to your portfolio for final assessment for certification if you wish to take that option.

Before booking interim and final assessment a schedule of presentation of the material must be agreed.

At least 50% of the material submitted for final assessment must have been through an interim assessment / feedback. This two-step assessment process ensures the maintenance of acceptable standards. In the case of final assessment not being successful, a student can require independent verification of evidence from an approved assessor recognised by a national qualification body.

Material presented for review can be returned for further evidence to be provided. This must be completed for 2nd review within 60 days.

Full details of the programme: Trainer Accredited by Kay Laurence 2020

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