TalkTraining – is hands-free the same as positive?


TalkTraining: Nov 18, 19 & 20 2019

This is 3 day window to focus on single topic, share views, broaden landscapes, build understanding; try out activities,explore, review, share, feedback … or just come for discussion.

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Nov 18, 19 & 20 (Mon, Tue ,Wed) 2019

Positive training is often promoted side-by-side with “hands-free” training suggesting that “hands-on” training is not positive or that to be positive we cannot use hands.

Are we perpetuating misinformation and views that guidance with hand contact, which can be light intent, affection, close proximity or simply to support learning as it develops is a negative experience? Or are people not learning the skills of guidance with hands where it is a truly positive experience for our dogs, that gives them clear information as cues?

Can we learn “good hands”? Can our hands teach with clarity and also be the core of rewards?

Come along for the TalkTraining Window, beginning with a 3 day hot focus, resources to explore, ideas to exchange and learning to explode. Discussions will require agile fingers and quite probably a keyboard and lots of coffee.

The Talk Window will be hosted on the Learning About Dogs virtual site. Additional log in details will be sent out on Nov 17th. The discussions will begin at 10am (GMT) and are truly a Forum that will continue until we have nothing left to say. If you unenrol from the forum all posts and data are automatically removed, only those who are present during the Talk Window can access the forum.

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