Teaching Lifeskills for People with Dogs


12 Lesson online course

Study and feedback option only

with tutors Kay Laurence & Clare Russell

Starting Nov 14  2018

Finishing 17 Apr 2019

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This course is designed to provide a deeper understanding of teaching the skills required for rearing and living with dogs. It will look at the key topics by:

  • Examining the underlying science of a variety of protocols
  • Clarifying the requirements of successful of application
  • Strategies for teaching to people with dogs
  • Activities to learn the skills with progressive learning games
  • Identifying skill gaps

The topics that will be covered:

Reinforcement delivery, parking the dog, transport and connected lead walking, blocking, cues and signals, life on-lead, life off-lead, play at home, play outdoors, training resources, familiarisation, resources for home management: crates, door gates etc, basic health care. Managing people in groups, managing the environment, providing a support system, planning a learning pathway, tailoring the learning to individual needs, coaching skills. Ethical teaching, lifestyle enrichment, good developmental programs, health and safety, sourcing resources.

Online Format

This is a 12 lesson course in a taught, classroom-forum format. Each lesson will examine specific topics in detail, allowing for extensive questioning, discussion, review and feedback of videos.


Certification for course attendance is available when evidence of learning has been submitted, reviewed and assessed. Review and assessment is available at an extra fee, it is not compulsory. More details.

Suitable for

It is ideal for someone who is providing classes, or intending to, for teaching lifeskills to people with dogs. The course is not designed to be followed as a learning programme for a person-dog partnership, but the individual topics can be tested, applied and reviewed by the participating teachers, either with their own dogs or with their clients’ dogs. There are no pre-requisites for the course but you should:

  • be familiar with teaching with reinforcement
  • know and can apply the basic strategies of training dogs through luring, shaping and targets
  • have an interest in teaching people to be able to provide healthy rearing environment and lifestyle for their dog.

The course is based the Learning About Dogs principles of living with and training dogs which is based on science and understanding, delivered with empathy and thoughtfulness and reinforced with passion, joy and enthusiasm. We believe in the rights of dogs to be trained and able to enjoy a suitable lifestyle. We believe in learner-centric training, where neither the dog’s or person’s welfare or well-being is compromised for the benefit of the other.

Classroom dates:

Nov 14, 28, Dec 12, Jan 2, 16, 30, Feb 6, 20, Mar 6, 20, Apr 3, 17. The same Classroom will be open at 1000 and 1800 (GMT/UTC) on these dates, and then access is available throughout the course. You do not have to attend the Classrooms at these times ot participate. Details of the course forum and log-in page will be sent out on Monday Nov 12th for pre-course familiarisation. By enrolling on this course you agree to the Terms and Conditions. Course FAQs


There are no options for refunds once the course has started, but under certain circumstances you may be able to be transferred to another course.


There is a discount for Members of Learning About Dogs: Seekers (10%), Setters (20%). If you have previously attend a Teaching People Lifeskills course and received an attendance certificate there is a discount of (25%) for this course.

Teaching with Reinforcement

Training with Food

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