Teaching Team Sheepballs Continuation

First year subscription to the Teaching Team resources, discussions, reviews and support.


Setter Membership and completion of the Sheepballs Course within the previous 18 months is a pre-requisite to join the Team.
This course is only available to members. To join this course sign up for the Setter Membership.
This is a subscription course covering a minimum of one year active participation. Core material and other resources for building the learning for the dog, developing the skills for the person and the range of games employed are available to use for course participants.

Personal skills are developed within two practical courses:

1. PREREQUISITE: Participation in the Sheepballs Course

The 8 week course requires participation with a dog to learn the skills and purpose of the game. This does not need to be your own dog, if you are able to take a dog for regular practice at least 3 times a week valuable experience would be gained.

Being able to teach-coach Sheepballs requires good understand of using reward-activities specific to each dog within the game.

The learning is adapted for individual dogs depending on their inherent skills and learning needs. Participants will  develop their own skills in ball-toy placement, speed, timing and direction.

This course should be completed before enrolled in the Teaching Team Course and is not included in the fee. 

2. Supervised coaching experience

To be part of the Teaching Team you will need opportunities to teach other learners an understanding of the game, how to develop their own skills and those of their dog.

A limited number of places are available on our own Sheepballs Courses or you may use an exisiting client and share their learning and your coaching skills.

Feedback and Discussion Forum

Regular on-going discussions about teaching strategies, selection of the games and the skills they should be developing, working styles etcare held in the Forum. Participation is expected.

All clients must agree to their videos being shared where appropriate for coaching feedback, assessment and evaluation.

Not all collies are going to respond the same. Even litter siblings will need their learning adapted to meet individual needs and shape their skill progress. This requires experience to recognise and advise what type of play will benefit each individual.


The Teaching Team is a continual support group where you build and learn the skills for coaching.

When you feel you have the confidence and experience and in conjunction with my endorsement you can advertise yourself as a member of the Kay Laurence Teaching Team for Sheepballs. You can teach directly face to face, or online.

Whilst you remain part of this group you can continue to use the endorsement.

Your own learning

After participating in a Sheepballs course you may continue to work and develop your own skills, explore new games and ideas with your own dog.

As part of the TT you do not need to enrol in another Sheepballs course unless you need specific regular feedback over the 8 weeks. You are welcome to ask for feedback in the TT forum.


Enrolling in the course is £120 for the first year’s subscription which gives you access to the Teaching Team Resources. During this period you will develop your own coaching skills and experience. You may continue until you feel ready for endorsement.

Once you are endorsed the continuing subscription is £60 annually. You may not use the endorsement or advertising unless you are a current member.

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