mentorship programme

Team SheepBalls®

starting Jan 2024

Team SheepBalls® is group of specialists that can provide support, practical work and recommendations to People With Collies and collie-cousins.


This course is only available to members. To join this course sign up for the Setter Membership.

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Team Members will be able to:

➤  Learn more about what is happening and why; and equally why the standard protocols seem to fail with Collies.

➤  Learn fine detail in management techniques that make a significant difference

➤  Develop observation skills and teach the practical skills of the Pet Brain Repertoire

➤  Build a range of rewards for a Collie Brain in activities and restorative rest that contribute to healthier balance

➤  Make plans for a long-term lifestyle.


Key Learning

The taught courses that require Member’s active participation:

➤  Living Their Best Lives Jan-May

➤  SheepBalls® Mar-May or Jun-Jul

Setter Membership is a requirement which gives access to the Setter Library and includes the Learning About Border Collies WorkBook.


There are never enough homes for these working guys so the overspill flows into our front rooms. There is NO REASON why a dog whose entire parentage over many generations only knew life in a shed with irregular or seasonal events cannot enjoy an urban life with people, but we do need to make allowances and adjust routines to not let their Issues, or Reasons for Living, go beyond a healthy enjoyment.

There is a flood of myths created around these dogs, some in admiration, some in denigration – but those are people who don’t understand a Collie. Sadly modern media has bloomed more misinformation by labelling the dogs as freaky, obsessive or addicted. Generic solutions that pool all herding breeds as equal disregard the need for the Collie to exhibit their natural instinct.

Living with a Collie is both a privilege and experience that brings tremendous pleasure when learning together and not in opposition. They are amazing dogs with a generous passion to work with people and fulfil their role as the Other Half, whatever that job may be. We need more people who can help People With Collies benefit from the right sort of support.

Membership is for 12 months and suitable for those who are just beginning or those already in the business who have recognised they need to upgrade their skills and understanding. There will be permanent access to the group forums where complex cases and a growing list of activities that make a Collie’s heart sing will be maintained.

Ongoing membership is expected for those who want to be recommended as Team SheepBalls®.

First Year: £1250, continuation of Membership is £160 annually.

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