The Skills of Luring


Learn to build and refine the skills of luring, with structured procedures for clean, clear communication.

Jun 8 & 9 2019

held at Forest Oak Farm

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Defined as the direct use of the reinforcer to elicit behaviour, luring often receives little recommendation. The protocol itself cannot be faulted due to the misunderstood application.

When we learn the skills of luring we also learn about exquisite observation, timing and pace, engagement and becoming good students of behaviour.

The weekend will look at different ways of using the lure to engage the dog, elicit accurate and clean behaviours and then progress to converting the respondent learning to operant choice. We take the dog from simple guidance to an enthusiasm to show us what they have learned. “No, no …. don’t show me, let me show you ….”

This opens the way to remove the guidance easily, change to different cues, or deliberately maintain the guidance to ensure specific behaviours.

Hand-held lures, cup on a stick lures and object lures will set our dogs up for easy success, clear understanding and graduated progress.

If you have had doubts about luring this is a weekend to inspire and open up many avenues of clear communication.

For more background on what we will cover during the weekend:

Participating with your dog

Participants for this weekend should be Training Geeks – happy to think and talk about training even when they are not training. Dogs suitable for participating should have experience of shaping and building behaviours with markers and frequent, high level reinforcement, and be comfortable working in room with other dogs. The workshop is limited to 10 participants.

Learning by Watching

You may attend as a spectator and your dog may attend if it is comfortable resting in the car during the workshop. You are likely to learn just as much as participants without the anxieties of participating. Use the coupon code “watch” at the checkout for a 40% spectator discount.


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