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held at Forest Oak Farm

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Our lead, or leash, is probably one of the key pieces of equipment we use when travelling with our dogs. It keeps them safe when their own nature and interests would get them into trouble. Whether you attach it to a collar or harness, whether it is made of leather or fabric, whether it is short or long, being tethered to a dog brings a whole series of challenges.

It tops the list for conflict between a person and a dog.

This workshop is going to look at walking together which centres around connection as the reinforcement process. This connection will be built into every stride, coming to a stop, setting off together, changing direction and negotiating obstacles with life-on-a-lead. .

We shall investigate the underlying technology of how to hold the lead and be safe, how you can silently communicate, the speed of the walk to ensure balance, comfort and a pleasant experience for both participants and shared interactions.

There will be a session in looking at accompanying elements of walking together:

  • emergency travel, for crossing a road or leaving a scene of potential conflict
  • parking, for when the adults are talking and letting the dog take a break

Learning the key connection when walking together extends to all avenues of living together and a future of lead-free activities.

This workshop is designed for trainers who teach and advise clients, dog professionals, or trainers of dogs in rehabilitation. A basic understanding of principles of using reinforcement, dog structure and gait is advised.

Participating with your dog

You do not need to participate to be able to learn in this workshop, although the experience would be valuable. Puppies can attend if over 16 weeks and confident on a lead or harness. If your dog is wearing a harness please also bring a flat collar. You will need a 6 foot or 2 meter lead. There will be opportunities to work outside so please bring suitable gear.

You may attend as a spectator and your dog may attend if it is comfortable resting in the car during the workshop. You are likely to learn just as much as participants without the anxieties of participating.

This workshop begins at 9.30am, the venue will be open from 9, finishing 4pm.


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