Finish the Training

6 Lessons

May 2018

– introduction

This short course is ideal for anyone who finds they enjoy the training process but seem to fade when it comes to building to a “finished” behaviour.

Although training a behaviour is a lifelong process, there are several techniques that can help us pay attention to the areas that can let down the quality of the performance.

It doesn’t matter whether your performance is in a competition environment, out in the field or around your front door, taking notes and keep clear records are essential to efficient and effective training.

To be effective we need to identify exactly what it is we need to enable the dog, or us, improve on, rather than just repeating the same thing – when we go into auto mode we tend to repeat the things we like, rather than address the things we need to.

Warning: this course is near the top of “very geeky”, and pays attention in detail, great detail, to all the facets of a behaviour.


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