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Kay Laurence | Learning About Dogs | Learning About Border Collies

Learning About Border Collies

6 Lessons

May 2019

– introduction

This short course is ideal for anyone who is sharing their life with a sheepdog or Border collie.

Sometimes our expectations can differ from the reality and we need some extra understanding to fully enjoy life with a collie. The course covers:

  • the history and background of collies
  • how their “special needs” have evolved
  • how we can arrange our lives to bring out the best in them
  • fully enjoy life that is urban and sheepless.

The sheepball games are able to release much of the stresses of urban living where traffic chasing, skateboards and low flying jets present daily problems. Apart from serving as occupational therapy it is such enjoyment to play these games with your collie and see the light in their eyes and the pleasure in their hearts.

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