Targets Foundation Course

6 Lessons

May 2019

– introduction

Target training is an exquisite process used to build accurate, detailed, complex or simple behaviours to any animal, but it also needs thoughtfulness and skill to engage safely.

Targets really ARE cool

Learning how to teach and use targets is straight forward. We can teach an unlimited amount of targets as each target-object is its own unique cue. You can even screw up teaching a target and start afresh with a new object, you have to love forgiveable training!

This course will teach the foundation of target acquisition (it is not as military as that sounds!) through shaping and luring. We will teach:

  • the chin target
  • shaping stationing
  • lure the visual follow, with or without “cup on a stick”
  • shaping paw isolation

There is such a rich range of uses for bringing awareness to the dog of their own body, through isolation or immobility or enhanced movement.

Click on this image to open the .pdf file in a new window.

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