Making Progress: Adding cues

Learning People Cues, the words they say, the signals they give, that go with particular responses is like learning a new language: we need to practice our vocabulary. If you are learning a new word every day–how to say it and what it means–you would also benefit from...
Adding cues

Adding cues

Understanding how cues and signals are an integral part of being a dog and building a language increasing communication

Cup as a temporary cue

Going on from a Cup It is useful to be clear when you are teaching a behaviour whether the cup will be permanent part of the future or temporary. For the temporary use of COAS decide what the future cue is going to be when you begin training. The cup is a visual...

Cue Technology Weekend


Learn the craft of cue attachment.

Learn how cues build our conversation and how to use them with exquisite skill.

26 & 27 Jan 2019

held at Forest Oak Farm