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We have our own Community

Our own private space, for conversations, sharing news, and of course, quality learning. It is a lot better than FB, no adverts, easier to use use and follow and you are among friends – fellow Setters.

Joining up is by invitation, if you have not received yours, let me know, or check your spam folder.

Pop on over, bring a cup of tea, and let’s talk …..

Great new courses:

Designed with YOU in mind.

Great opportunities to expand your training skills, dig a little deeper into the understanding and pick up the very best training tips – originated from one of the best trainers of course!

Self-paced courses means you can come and go, choose your lessons, train or not train ….. choice is yours. Setter Members can also book additional coaching for feedback on your training.

Cup on a Stick Foundation £36

An elegant and simple technique of luring without the complications of luring by hand.

Cup on a Stick Advanced £46

Teach your dog balance and fitness in movement: trotting, backing and reversing patterns, lateral steps and correct action for the essential pivots and rotations.

Build the Learning £145

Lifelong skills built in activities and play. A dog that is curious, confident, resilient with a natural enthusiasm for learning.

Reward Skills £145

New technology is changing our understanding which will influence what rewards you choose, when and how your use them. Explore different and diverse delivery patterns to influence behaviour.

Management or Training? £145

Finding the pathway for the future with your dog. Plan what you would like them to learn, how they are going to learn it and in what order.

Cue Technology £15

Video presentation that can shift how you view learning and teaching. 40 mins

Management or Training? £15

Video presentation that will help you make some important decisions and really useful tips. 40 mins

£15 credit towards the main course when you enrol

Teaching a lateral step
Gift Certificate £R+

R+ … for making my day, Top Job, Well done. New Puppy!

However you want to say “thinking of you” this is a REWARD that works for everyone.

Fitness foundation

6 Lessons from the online course.
An archive of the lessons to follow and explore, with samples videos from the first class participants.


More than an article, a series of learning experiences that have a common thread to follow … or just jump in and out.

Clicker Revolution

For the more advanced that enjoy a tromp around geek land. Revolution encapsulates the technology and my experience of applied training. …. all those small steps that make it easier for teacher and learner.

Living with dogs

From new puppies to old dogs, from sleeping at night to every day walks.

Projects & Research

The future of exploration, unknown territories for subjects close to our heart.

Explore the projects, add your own material and comments.


Anticipation Power

Examining how we can employ a powerful resource

Fade-in project

Exploring different protocols where Fade-in is used

The super-focus of scent

When scent or sight takes over and the dog appears to ignore all else.

News on courses, articles and stuff you don't want to miss.