Sheep are tricky, tricky beasts ….

Well I don’t know about your evening’s entertainment at present, but it certainly is not on my TV ….. yawn …. so after some wandering around U-Know-Who I found a really tension filled, exciting sport to watch ….

This is a great introduction to the sport of Sheedog Trials. An invitation event set over three different days culminating in a gripping final.

If you do compete in any sport and enjoy the challenge of non-controllable variables, such as the weather, time of day, commentary blasting over, then try a little of this.

Your “variables” have individual ambitions, different levels of courage, social needs, gambling inclinations and predisposition to say “no, No, NO, I Won’t …….”
But you have to stay polite, you have to suggest, coax, occasionally take your hat off and scratch your head.

Blasted Sheep!

Top handling under pressure, the ultimate definition of patience.I recommend you watch in order:

If you have any questions about sheepdog trials please use the Facebook group or post them here.


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