Adjusting the balance

Adjusting the balance

The strategy will never be either Management, or Passive Learning, or Training. All three will flow at different times depending on the events of the day, the time of year and the resources available.

When there is Management in place, there can be a plan to implement Active Learning as the weather improves:

There may be a window of opportunity for an intense period of Active Learning for a particular activity, which will be postponed during the adolescent period when the Management is increased.

You may need to wait until the conditions align for a more detailed program of Active Learning and Management can be tailed off.

There will always be adjustments. It is about understanding the advantages and benefits of each strategy and how they relate. It is never a fixed situation, flexibility and adaptation is the skill we all need to rear a well-adjusted and content dog into our lives.


We would welcome a list of your strategies that may be beneficial to share ….

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