Choose the protocol

Choosing the protocol

The factors affecting which protocol to choose will be:

1. Amount of effort required from the dog

This will incorporate their skill level, capacity to learn and general wellness. A dog under stress, will have a low capacity for learning.

2. Amount of effort required by the people

This too will incorporate their skills level, capacity to learn and wellness. Additional motivation will be essential for progress long term.

3. Resources available

This will include tools, understanding of the technology and how to apply it, time available and the environment.

4. Greater benefit?

There will be a balance to be achieved by choosing a comparable benefit to all concerned. A choice should not simply benefit one side or the other.

Each situation will be unique, and may change over time. Choices may be made for temporary reasons, affected by the time of year or age of the dog. Environments are constantly under change and choices should be adapted.

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